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Vegetable dyed worsted yarn for embroidery - COCHINEAL red and pink shades

$ 3.25

This is the wool yarn we use most for our own reproduction embroidery work. It is smooth & slightly lustrous, very dye receptive for our vegetable dyeing process and as close as we've found to the wirey texture of period crewel yarns. Over the years we have used several suppliers, and some add a small amount of mohair. We consider it a plus, both from the standpoint of texture and dye-ability. It is equally suitable for canvas work (like tent stitch or irish stitch) and surface embroidery (crewel). For canvas work it may be used either singly or doubled, depending on the count of the canvas and the effect desired.

Cochineal dye is made from the bodies of a small scale insect that lives on prickly pear cactus. It was considered a valuable dye by the indigenous people of North America and by Europeans who settled in the New World. The color is a pure, intense red, even in the lighter shades of pink. Sensitive to pH, its lovely shades can turn muddy in alkaline and is at its most fast in a slightly acidic state.

40 yards per twist

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