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Vegetable dyed worsted yarn for embroidery - INDIGO shades

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This is the wool yarn we use most for our own reproduction embroidery work. It is smooth & slightly lustrous, very dye receptive for our vegetable dyeing process and as close as we've found to the wirey texture of period crewel yarns. Over the years we have used several suppliers, and some add a small amount of mohair. We consider it a plus, both from the standpoint of texture and dye-ability. It is equally suitable for canvas work (like tent stitch or irish stitch) and surface embroidery (crewel). For canvas work it may be used either singly or doubled, depending on the count of the canvas and the effect desired.

Period yellows can be quite fugitive. It's possible to mitigate this by combining both yellow dyes and mordants to amplify qualities of durability. We regularly use weld, fustic, and osage orange in combination with alum and copper mordant to achieve these shades. If you are doing repair work, you may want to contact us about whether we have yarn that has been dyed for several years (we often do). The colors mellow during the first year or two of time gone by and older yarn provide more of the hues you require.

40 yards per twist 

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