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Georgina, a vintage wooden doll in handmade clothing

$ 225.00
Georgina is a very old, small "penny wooden" doll. Her body is made entirely from wood. Her head and shoulders are painted, as are her forearms and legs below her knees. Dolls like this were made in great quantity during the 19th century, but examples of this size and age rarely survive with all their limbs intact. Their carved bodies were often roughly shaped and hastily painted. This one is detailed for one so small. Her face is nicely painted and her lower legs are carved to a delicate shape.

Georgina has typically stiff wooden knee and hip joints which allow her to stand. She can sit with some difficulty and her arms move well enough to dress and undress her. She measures just under 5.5" from head to toe and 3.25" from waist to ankle. Her feet are stubby and have black painted shoes with red soles.

Georgina is wearing a slightly peculiar outfit: a tiny silk turban with a glass "jewel" in combination with what can only be a nightgown. Perhaps she has recently returned from a ball and is getting ready to retire for the night? You could make her some additional garments, or simple enjoy her eccentricity. She is a fragile old girl and wants a cozy home where she will be admired and handled with great care.

Even though dolls have been played with by children since the beginning of time, child safety concerns of our time suggests that our dolls and their clothing have enough small parts to render them unsuitable for children younger than 9 years old.

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