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Becky, a cloth doll in reproduction clothing

$ 248.00

Becky is one of our one of a kind cloth dolls, made here in our studio. Her linen body is stuffed with wool and painted from head to toe with gesso and acrylic paint. She has a full head of brown wool hair, permanently styled to fit under her cap. From the skin outward, each article of clothing is a hand sewn reproduction, based on full sized period artifacts and/or patterns. She wears a simple linen shift, laced leather stays, an 18th century style printed cotton gown, a corded linen bib apron and a ribbon trimmed linen day cap. 

She dresses the way a mid 18th century housewife might for every day activity -- in simple, practical clothes that allow her to tend her garden, kitchen and children, make or mend clothes for her family, and otherwise oversee her small household.

Her clothing is completely removable, with the gown and apron bib held in place with a few stitches at the front and all the other garments secured with drawstrings and ties. You could enlarge her wardrobe to include other garments, such as an shawl or cloak, another gown or short gown and petticoat, some shoes, a hat, etc.  If you don't want to make everything yourself, be sure to check our store for garments to purchase. If you want us to make additional garments especially for this doll, please contact us to discuss particulars.

Even though dolls have been played with by children since the beginning of time, child safety concerns of our time suggests that our dolls and their clothing have enough small parts to render them unsuitable for children younger than 9 years old.

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