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Anne, a cloth doll, ready-to-dress

$ 55.00

Anne arrived in our doll hospital looking rather sad, naked and hairless, facial features ragged or missing altogether. She is typical of a "rescue doll", having been slightly neglected, but not actually damaged. Cleaned up, with her hair and face restored, she is a dear, ready for you to love and dress.

Like all our ready-to-dress dolls, she wears a simple undergarment, in this case, a longish muslin slip trimmed with vintage pink trim. Her upper legs are unstuffed, allowing her to bend at the hip (but not the knee) and sit, but not to stand without support. She stand 11" tall and her body is well proportioned, but fairly shapeless, allowing you to decide whether she is a little girl, a woman, or a red haired granny. Her clothes will make her!

If you'd like us to make some clothes especially for her, please contact us to discuss particulars.

Even though dolls have been played with by children since the beginning of time, child safety concerns of our time suggests that our dolls and their clothing have enough small parts to render them unsuitable for children younger than 9 years old.

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