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Pinball and Needlebook

$ 245.00
Handspun, vegetable-dyed worsted thread on linen canvas
pinball: 2.25" diam, needlebook: 2.5 wide x 3" tall (closed)

This lovely pair of sewing accessories is the sort that might have resided on a lady's sewing worktable in the eighteenth century. Both are fashioned in the irish stitch (sometimes called flamestitch) technique using hand spun, vegetable dyed wool yarn. The ball shaped pincushion is firmly filled with wool and backed with wool fabric. The book is lined with vegetable dyed wool fabric and has several undyed wool pages to facilitate sorting needles according to size or use. During this time period, it was not uncommon for functional articles used everyday to be as attractive as they were useful. Women often made small items like this for one another as tokens of friendship.

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