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Polly, a vintage wooden doll in handmade clothing

$ 480.00

Polly is a fully dressed doll in 18th century replica clothing. Her wooden body was made in the early 1980s by Virginia doll maker, Fred Laughon and bears his name stamp on her back. As a reproduction of the Hagar Tyler doll she was sold without clothing in the the shop on Duke of Gloucester Street in Williamsburg. She is approximately 12" tall and wears about 1/5 sized clothes.

Not all doll garments are as faithful to their full sized counterparts as hers. She wears from her wooden "skin" outward, a knee length linen shift (aka, chemise), laced up the back leather stays, one printed cotton pocket, a linsey woolsey petticoat, fine cotton short gown and ruffled linen cap. The pocket shown in the photo is now sold and her pocket is the same except for the color. The shift is made in the 18th century style, with tiny side gores and underarm gussets. The short gown is sewn with tiny pleats front and back. All sewing was done by hand and follows period conventions for finishing. All her garments are removable, being tied in place with minute drawstrings and binding tapes, as well as one straight pin at the front of her short gown. The stays are the most difficult to remove and restore, but since dolls don't bathe, it will hardly be necessary to take them off.

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