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Miniature sewing accessories

$ 9.00

Are your dolls clamoring for their own sewing baskets? These tiny historical replicas are made of wool, silk or linen fabric and filled with wool. You can add them to the treasures in your doll house or miniature sewing room. They are not strictly made to any scale, but rulers are shown to let you decide whether they suit your miniature friends' needs.

Some photos shows 1/2" long pins being used with some of our pincushions. We've found them very difficult to ship without loss, so we don't include them. They are called sequin pins and can be found in other Etsy shops.

Even though dolls have been played with by children since the beginning of time, child safety regulations of our time suggests that our dolls and their clothing have enough small parts to render them unsuitable for children less than 9 years old.

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