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Agnes, a vintage wooden doll ready-to-dress

$ 95.00
Agnes is an old "penny wooden" doll. Her body is made entirely from wood. Her head and shoulders are painted, as are her forearms and legs below her knees. Dolls like this were made in great quantity during the 19th and 20th centuries. Their carved bodies were roughly shaped and hastily painted. The spot on her face appears to have never been fully coated with paint, rather than later rubbed away by use.
She has typically stiff joints which allow her to stand. Sadly, her knees and hip joints are so stiff that they do not bend well enough for sitting. Her arms, on the other hand, have remarkable range of motion, making it possible to dress and undress her with relative ease. Although made by hand, dolls like Agnes were quickly fashioned -- you can see that her legs are a slightly different length; as are her arms.

Agnes is what we call a ready-to-dress doll. She wears undergarments of her period: a simple linen shift and eyelet trimmed cotton pantalets. You can make a widely varied wardrobe for her, or browse through our shop to find garments, accessories & jewelry suitable for her size. I you'd like us to make her another garment -- or a complete wardrobe, please send a message.

She measures 11.5" from head to toe and 7" from waist to ankle. Her feet are stubby and possibly unsuitable for properly filling out shoes. Her head is proportionately larger than the rest of her body: approximately 2.25" tall and 6.26 around.

Even though dolls have been played with by children since the beginning of time, child safety concerns of our time suggests that our dolls and their clothing have enough small parts to render them unsuitable for children younger than 9 years old.

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