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Diamond Pattern Pocketbook

$ 305.00

Functioning rather like wallets during the eighteenth century, these useful cloth cases were made in many different materials. They were generally made by women and carried by men, containing documents as often than currency. They were made in a variety of techniques and we have several examples from which to choose: double fold irish stitch, zig zag pattern irish stitch, tent stitch or crewelwork designs. As modern men’s clothing is not equipped with the roomy pockets they require, they are more useful today to historical re-enactors and as accessories in period office scenes. They also make a nice evening bag for a lady. For daily use, we offer them made to order as checkbook covers, by altering the way they fasten shut.

Vegetable dyed wool thread on linen canvas, wool tape trim, 6.25 x 4.25 inches

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