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Blue & White Crewel Pocket Materials Kit

$ 40.00

This product consists of everything you need to work and construct the embroidered blue and white pocket: indigo-dyed worsted wool crewel yarn, linen fabric marked with design, linen backing fabric, binding material and a suitable needle. You will need a small amount of modern sewing thread which is not included.

Worked entirely in shades of blue and white, it is a delightful example of classic design and workmanship. Typical of period work, in which only a few stitches are used, this project provides the modern needlewoman an opportunity to create a beautiful piece of embroidery from the past.

This product compliments the Blue and White Crewelwork Pocket Instructions, a pdf download also available in our store. Some of the period techniques may be unfamiliar to you, but step-by-step instructions and stitch diagrams will guide you through the process of creating your own heirloom.

Indigo dyed worsted wool thread on linen fabric, 11 x 17.5 inches

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