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My resume provides the usual information about my background and qualifications, but it lacks much of the interesting detail that people want to know when they ask, "How did you ever find yourself in this line of work?"

To that, I can honestly answer, that sometimes it seems as though it was inevitable and sometimes I can't believe my extraordinary luck. It is, of course, a bit of both. From a very young age, I have been enraptured by textiles. They speak to all my senses with their overwhelming potential to transform their surroundings; to envelope us in comfort; to surpass our imagination for possibility. Their overwhelming beauty is only rivaled by their usefulness. Cloth on a bolt seems almost two dimensional. Anyone who loves it as I do often wonders if it is capable of exceeding three.

So, you'll find my resume at the end of this page. It tells everything (and nothing) about the true nature of my work.


Kathleen Smith
Textile Reproductions
5 Court Square
Montague, MA 01351
1975-79, BA, College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia 
1980-81, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, 1 yr curatorial training fellowship, Governor's Palace Refurnishing Project 
1981-82, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, 1 yr curatorial training fellowship, DeWitt-Wallace Gallery textiles preparation 
 Positions Held 
1982-present, Owner, Textile Reproductions 
Textile Reproductions specializes in fabricating reproductions of period textiles for interpretive purposes and to serve as fully compatible companions to antique furnishings. 
"A Linen Shift: Plain sewing makes the most of your fabric", Threads, Feb/March 1987 
"How to Make a Set of 18th Century Bed Hangings", Early American Life, June 1995 
"A View with 18th Century Style: How to make period curtains", Early American Life, June 1996 
Museum Furnishings Projects

A list of our work for museum installations can be found here.

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