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Our work for museum settings

Since 1982, we have been supplying museums with reproduction textiles, usually because appropriate period objects are not available or are too fragile for the rigors of exhibition. This allows museums to educate their visitors without jeopardizing objects in their collections. In addition, private individuals make up over half our clientele. Their names are not listed, but we can share photos of many examples if you contact us.

Agecroft Hall, Richmond, VA, Late 15th century

2 sets of bed hangings, window curtains, table covers, bed & table linens, cushions

Bacon's Castle (APVA), Surry, VA, 1711-1728

1 set Bed hangings & bed rugg, window curtains, table covers, bed & table linens, cushions for daybed

Thompson House (SPLIA), Setauket, NY, 1740's

Linsey-woolsey bed, green w/purple tape

Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Williamsburg, VA, 18th century 
Trained there during Governor's Palace refurnishing to 1778 inventory
Beds & bedding for Raleigh Tavern rooms
Bed/table linens, window curtains, cushions, etc. for gallery/period rooms
Beds & window treatments for Barraud House (a guest house furnished with reproductions that serves to lodge and entertain prospective donors)

Historic Deerfield, Deerfield, MA, 18th century
Lead a group of volunteer embroiderers over two and a half years to recreate a crewel work bed displayed in a second floor bedchamber.

Mount Vernon, Mt Vernon, VA, 1760-90 
Bed & table linens for general use & particularly seasonal DR interpretation
Bed linens & bedding for Washington's deathbed
Hand-woven trimmings for bed & window curtains & slipcovers.

Homewood, Baltimore, MD, 1810
Bed & table linens, vegetable dyed trimmings, hand-woven fabrics Quilted cotton counterpane w/stuffed quilting & embroidered decoration

Windsor Historical Society, Strong Howard House, 1810
Made and/or sourced the textile furnishings for an exceptional entirely hands-on house.

Mystic Seaport, Mystic, CT, 1830s            
Camp beds & trundle; window curtains, table coverings, bedding & bed linens for Buckingham-Hall house

National Park Service--Historic Furnishings, 17th-19th century  
various sites, including the following:

Saugus Ironworks, Saugus, MA: serge table carpet, hand-woven wool cushions

Lincoln Home, NHS, Springfield, IL: hand-woven Venetian carpeting

Wm Howard Taft NHS, Cincinnati, OH: Bed ticks, bolsters, bed linens & bedding, also hardware for installation

Ford's Theatre, Washington, DC: copy of bedding & pillowcase on which Lincoln died

Garfield House Library, Mentor, OH: Repro needlework upholstery for footstool

Salem Maritime NHS, Salem, MA: blankets, bed ticks, curtains & hardware for installation on sloop Friendship


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