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Reproduction cushions

Chair Cushions of every kind are a specialty with us. During almost every time period one finds at least one type of chair that depends on a removable cushion rather than upholstery to render it a comfortable place to sit. Over the centuries, fashion has dictated whether these seating accessories were plump or flat and plain or ornamented with cording and tassels.

Depending on the chair and its setting, the fabrics employed vary from opulent to utilitarian. Choose amongst fashionable green, red, or blue worsteds, vegetable dyed blue, red or mustard Linsey-Woolsey,  reproduction embroidery—including hand worked flame stitch, crewel, or cross stitch in documented designs -- any can be made up in a size and shape that is a perfect fit for your chair. The items we have in stock in our online store are the most common sizes and popular materials. If you don’t see what you require, contact us with your specifications for a prompt estimate or to discuss custom options.


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